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Since 1946




5th Floor, CHAMP Building,

Anda Circle, Port Area,

Manila, Philippines


Tel No. 527-3044; 310-3267

Fax No. 527-3052

No. 14 Timog Avenue, Quezon City

Telephone No. 448-5138/448-5900/448-5882



Products and Services

  • Motor Vehicle
  • AutoFriend
  • Fire
  • Marine
  • Personal Accident
  • Other Casualty and Liability
  • Bonds

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Great Domestic Insurance Company of the Philippines

Great Domestic Insurance Company of the Philippines, Inc. is one of the country’s leading and oldest Non-Life Insurance Company. It was formerly known as Domestic Insurance Company of the Philippines and was incorporated on July 3, 1946. At that time, the Company’s Incorporators were prominent personalities in the Business World, such as of Don Eugenio Lopez, Alfonso Sycip, Don Ramon Araneta, J. Antonio Araneta, David Sycip, and Foreign Insurance Companies doing business in the Philippines notably led by the Union Insurance Society of Canton Ltd. Commercial Union Assurance Company Ltd. Sun Alliance Ltd.

South British Insurance Company, and Smith Bell and Company, Ltd. It antedates the Philippines Republic by one day having been incorporated on July 3, 1946. It is therefore, having the distinction of being the last Company licensed by the Philippines Commonwealth and the first Non-Life Insurance Company to be licensed by the Republic of the Philippines after liberation from the Japanese Imperial force of World War II.

In 1997, the Company increased its paid-up capitalization to P50,000,000.00 and in line with government’s thrust to develop the Mindanao area together with the successful BIMP East Asian.

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